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Season 3, Episode 1:

Tove Styrke
Tove Postcard

Tove Styrke first burst onto the scene back in 2009, as a contestant on the Swedish television programme, Idol. Alongside Loreen, Tove is possibly one of the biggest alumni from that talent show in terms of international success. And what’s really interesting about the then-teenager Tove, who went on to sign a record deal and work on her debut album that same year, is that she wasn’t just a mouthpiece for a team of songwriters. Bringing her own song ideas to the studio, Tove wrote or co-wrote 7 out of the 11 tracks on it. 


And, as we note in our chat, it’s remarkable that, for an album written and recorded 15 years ago, it has aged very well. It’s anthemic, quirky - in that mainstream sort of way - and, particularly on the Patrik Berger collaborations, gives you a Robyn-esque feel. Which makes sense when you consider that Tove was one of the first people Patrik played his synth ideas for Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own" to, when they were working on Tove’s debut. You’ll be able to hear more on that special studio moment in our interview.


Tove didn’t just ride the wave of her Idol fame but took control of her career and transformed herself into a powerhouse among what she refers to as the “Swedish pop girlies”. Earlier this year, Tove made her acting debut in the Swedish stage adaptation of David Bowie’s ‘Lazarus’, earning excellent reviews and adding yet another skill to her palate. Our interview took place just as the run of the production was coming to an end: a useful point at which she could reflect on the impact of this experience on her other work and consider whether she’d like to take on more acting roles in the future.  

In this conversation, we also talk about her creative process, her admiration for Ethel Cain, Chappell Roan and ionnalee, touring with the likes of Lorde and Katy Perry and the very Swedish phenomenon of the dans band.

Check out the episode by clicking the link below (or wherever you get your podcasts) and be sure to also give our Tove Styrke playlist a listen - it's full of our favourite tracks from her discography.

Season 3 Episode 1
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Watch a short video excerpt from our interview:

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