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Asbjørn is one of Denmark's best musical imports of the past decade.


He is, in a way, a precursor to what TroyE Sivan has become and the consistent, unifying thread running through all of his releases binds honest lyrics, catchy melodies and unpredictable beats that instantly make you tap your foot and think about dancing.

His debut album, Sunken Ships, from 2012, was a beautiful coming of age record. The brilliant 2015 follow-up, Pseudo Visions, was an ambitious, predominantly audio-visual self discovery pop monster and his newest long-player, BOYOLOGY, is a contemporary look at what it means to be a human being in the year 2022.


All of Asbjørn's discography combines accessibility with quality and his humour, which you'll get a taste of from our interview, shines through his lyrics as well.

Chris and Doron caught up with Asbjørn at the end of 2021, when he was putting the finishing touches to the new album in Denmark's Jutland peninsula.

With this being Melody A.M.'s first episode proper, Asbjørn also kindly agreed to record a special performance of his recent single, "Be Human", for the podcast and you can catch it at the end of this episode. 

Below you will find an Asbjørn playlist in which we've gathered our favourite tracks by the Danish pop kid, for your further listening pleasure.

Asbjørn photo by johanna hvidtved

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