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Season 2, Episode 8:

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Melody A.M. is staying in Sweden for this episode, with Anna Levander and Leopold Nilsson, who make up the Swedish duo, Dolce.


Part of the uniqueness of Dolce’s sound is possibly due to the fact that the production and arrangements hark back to much older Swedish folk music. The more decisive element at play, though, is Anna Levander’s voice. It’s something else. It’s deep, it’s warm, it grabs you and it makes you pay attention. Underpinning that voice are melodies that are surprising and exciting to come back to. 


Anna and Leopold are originally from Umeå, a university town in the east of Sweden, and they started releasing music 9 years ago, when their first song, ‘Hand i hand’, came out ahead of their debut EP’s release the following year. They’ve had two, much praised, albums after that and are in the process of finishing off work on their third.


The Dolce playlist below includes our recommended highlights from the band’s discography and Anna and Leopold have also generously shared with Melody A.M. an exclusive early demo version of a song called ‘Skrapsår’, or ‘Scrapes’, which is included on their forthcoming new album. You can listen to the song during our interview.

Dolce Playlist
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