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Season 2, Episode 10:
Elias Kapari

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Elias Kapari has been making music for over two decades - in the early days he had his own bands and he subsequently got involved in production and writing for other artists, working with some of the biggest names in the Swedish music industry including: Icona Pop, Molly Sandén, Linda Sundblad, Veronica Maggio, Oskar Linnros, Ana Diaz, Maja Francis, Cherrie, Victor Leksell, Charlotte Perrelli and previous Melody A.M. guest, Stefan Storm from The Sound of Arrows.  


One of the defining chapters of Elias’s career has been his collaborations with Swedish star, Miriam Bryant. Their work together has resulted in a slew of chart-topping mega hits, including ‘Passa Dig’,  Miriam’s duet with Viktor Leksell, 'tystnar i luren' and 'Ge upp igen’, a track she recorded with Yasin. These three songs elevated Miriam’s status in the Swedish music scene and to say they were radio hits would be a huge understatement - you couldn’t get away from them on Swedish radio for months after their release. 


In 2022 Elias and Miriam’s work together was recognised at the Swedish Grammys with the album, PS jag hatar dig, clinching the Album of the Year award and ‘tystnar i luren’ winning the award for Song of the Year.


​Elias’s reach is not limited to Sweden. He’s got a credit on the last Stormzy album after Stormzy heard a song called ‘Nu Till Livet’, which Elias co-created with Daniela Rathana on a Swedish television programme called Helt Lyriskt. Stormzy’s song, ‘My Presidents Are Black’, is built around the main melody from Elias and Daniela’s original. Elias has also worked with Danish success story, Christopher, the star of the Netflix hit film, “A Beautiful Life”, and he is also helping Christopher craft his next studio album. There is also a Kylie Minogue connection - sort-of-kind-of - but you’ll have to listen to the episode to find out more about that.


Earlier this year, the Swedish broadcaster SVT, brought an American TV format called SONGLAND onto Swedish screens and Elias was part of the expert panel on this brilliant show, which is essentially dedicated to the art of songwriting and production. His place on the panel is testament to Elias's esteemed position in the music industry. 


In our interview, we discuss his involvement in SONGLAND, his creative partnership with Miriam Bryant and his forthcoming solo project, allowing him to step from behind the mixing desk and onto the limelight with his own voice taking centre stage. 


Below you will find our Elias Kapari playlist with highlight moments from Elias’s career, to date.

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