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Boy bands are a cultural phenomenon. Whether they’re slowly rising from stools or wanting it that way, they are an inescapable force of nature within pop music. And Oscar Enestad knows better than most, having cut his teeth in one of Sweden’s biggest ever boy bands, FO&O, who won hearts - and awards - before going their separate ways in 2017.


The three main members (a fourth left the band) have all gone on to big things: Omar Rudberg has a pop career and stars in Netflix’s huge hit Young Royals. Felix Sandman has taken a similar route, simultaneously releasing music and acting in popular shows in Sweden and Norway. And Oscar Enestad, star of this episode, has just launched his debut album, Drömmar.


The album OFFERS wall to wall melodic pop, with echoes of some of ENESTAD's big influences, The 1975 and Troye Sivan. Falsetto vocals blend with personal lyrics and catchy tunes to create a strong impression and launch him onto the Swedish music scene.


We chatted with him about life in the band versus life as a solo artist, EXPLORED whether he might soon be putting his acting chops to the test, and found out what it was like going to a music school in Stockholm surrounded by future world stars…

below you will also find an oscar enestad playlist with some of our favourite tracks by the swede.

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