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2021-10-17 Pure Shores_0231.jpg

What do you get when you combine two of Sweden’s hottest songwriters and performers in a duo? Musical magic, of course.


And magic is something which Pure Shores, made up of Ji Nilsson and Marlene, provide with everything they release. 


The pair have always worked together behind the scenes, co-writing and producing on each other’s solo hits. Both burst into the scene AROUND 2014, with Marlene’s instantly iconic Bon Voyage, and Ji’s Heartbreakfree.


They continued releasing gorgeous solo hits throughout the years, but it’s when they duet together that they truly shine.


First up came a one-off release for International Women’s Day, Love You Anyway. The pair THEN treated us to a couple more duets over the years, until they decided to make things official in 2019, launching Pure Shores - yes, they are named after that legendary All Saints song.


Each pop nugget provides three minutes of sugary joy, always recognisable with the “Pure Shores” TAG at the top of the track.


2022 sees them release their first EP, as well as continuing to work on music for other artists.


We caught up with MARLENE and JI to geek out over our collective love of pop music and get their guide to the coolest hangouts in Stockholm.


We’ve ALSO put together a playlist of some of their choicest jams, so CHECK IT OUT BELOW. 

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